Coatesville and surrounding areas Pool Digging or Filling

Are you looking to have an oasis in your backyard? LNJ Excavating LLC professional excavation technicians can dig up your backyard to your exact specifications to get you started. Once you have the design we can dig and prepare the area quickly and efficiently. LNJ Excavating LLC is a fully licensed and insured company with many years of excavation experience. We know how to excavate any site while paying close attention to municipal codes and regulations.

Digging any project that goes the depth of a pool takes lots of planning before excavation can begin. There are often underground utility lines which require a great amount of care to avoid potential hazards. The area also needs to be surveyed. If the pool will be created near a slope then a retaining wall will be needed to prevent future problems. You also need to be aware of what kind of deck you would like around the pool as this may change the layout of the project.

Even if you are planning to have an above ground pool for your Coatesville and surrounding area property it is still a good idea to give LNJ Excavating LLC a call. Above ground pools require a shallow hole (roughly 2 inches) to secure their foundations. Large bodies of water hold surprising amounts of force and without a foundation to anchor it, the whole pool may shift due to water movement. The ground must also be perfectly leveled or else the one sided water pressure may damage your pool over time.

As veterans of the industry we are well aware of all the considerations necessary for seamlessly performing a pool project. Are you looking to fill in your old Coatesville and surrounding areas pool so you can have some extra space in your yard? LNJ Excavating LLC can do that for you too! Contact us via phone or email to set up a quick inspection and receive your free estimate.