Chadds Ford Septic Tanks

For homes that are not connected to local water utilities a septic system is a must. However, installing a septic system is not as easy as digging a hole and placing a tank. Depending on your requirements and the local codes you may need to make room for an overflow tank. Of course, you also need to dig the pipe lines but not only to your house. Septic tanks also require drain fields. These are the areas which act as natural filters, releasing the wastewater back into the soil where it is broken down by the microbial ecosystem.

Given the space most drainage fields consist of an area with several pipes placed in trenches and covered with a mix of gravel sand and then top soil. Alternatively, there are also mound systems where the drain field is raised above ground level for properties that have less space. As experts in excavation we have helped create many different kinds of septic systems for your Chadds Ford property:

  • Gravity Systems
  • Pressure Distribution Systems
  • Aerobic Treatment Units
  • Mound Systems
  • Sand Filter Systems

If you are considering having a septic system installed or removed from your Chadds Ford property then remember LNJ Excavating LLC.

For those in Chadds Ford that already own septic systems here are a few helpful tips to keep is running smoothly:

  • When doing laundry try to do large loads rather than several small loads.
  • Reduce the amount of water used in your toilet by installing a toilet tank space-occupier or have a low-flow toilet installed.
  • Have a pitcher of water in the refrigerator to avoid waiting for running water to get to the desired temperature.
  • Avoid unnecessary water use such as leaving the tap on when shaving, brushing teeth or doing dishes.

Basically, if you can reduce the amount of water which goes into your tank then you place less wear and tear on the system.